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Sewing Clothes for the Florida Lifestyle.

About Me

About Me

I taught myself how to sew about five years ago when my young sons wanted me to buy a sewing machine so they could sew Nintendo plush. I ended up being the one who got hooked, not them! Fast-forward several years and we relocated from the cold Midwest to the sunny east coast of Florida. I attempt to sew mostly warm weather clothes now. However, we get about three months of cooler temps off and on, so I still sew some long-sleeve tops, flannel pj’s, and such. I am a wife and a busy mom of four teen boys. But, I’ve found that I’m a better person for including sewing in my life, as it both calms and challenges me. I do hope to meet some of my fellow comrades on this blogging journey!

Two best kinds of therapy: the beach and sewing. One is free, and the other is worth every yard of fabric bought!!!

A pic taken shortly after we moved to the beautiful east coast of Florida! 


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